Daniela Braga

Brazilian born Daniela Braga is currently blowing my mind. Catching a glimpse of her at Bluemarine SS12, I was on board. Her face confuses me... she looks like such a brilliant mix of nationalities ( I don't know if she is, but I've decided that she is far too hot not to be).


D- out. xx

All Those Lines - Pedro Lourenco

While madly searching for more images of tiger headed people drinking Martinis (see post below,) I stumble come across another Perdro Lourenco.... fashion designer!!!

Where to start.There is just something about the geometric cut outs, lines, shapes and colours that just reminds me of a traffic sign. Ha, I guess being a traffics sign may not be considered hot, it's just all very constructivist and I likey very very muchy.

Here is a quick collection grab of the last few years.

images: Style.com

Needless to say, I pretty much adore all that alludes to anything remotely graphic... mix that with a bit of girlie cool and BOOM, you have a killer outfit!

L x

Illustrated Mush Ups - Pedro Lourenco

I just love the web. It's funny how one thing can bring you to another and before you know it, you have discovered something new that you just love.  All will be revealed shortly...

In my post work, chill out Google time I came across Portugal base illustrator, Pedro Lourenco.
These low-fi images make me smile. I love the surreal, dark humour in them.

I just adore how these illustrations have an old school tattoo quality to them. I want them on a t-shirt or printed on something I can wear. Check out his blog http://www.ink-and-paper.blogspot.co.uk/

Seriously, what's not to like about someone with a tiger head doing a bit of Jane Fonda???

L x


Shopping List

Ok Guys..... This one if for me and all the Melbournians out there.

Marc Jacobs ring, Ash botts, H&M head piece, YSL lipstick, Muberry Bag, H&M tank, Stylecaster bralette, 
Stun jeans and Quintess parker.

                                                     Yep- my birthday is coming up everyone...... Tee- hee!
                                                                              D-out. xx

Shopping List

For you chickies heading into hot balmy nights and long sunny days... This is for you.

Isabel Marant shoes, Danjo necklace, River Island cuff, Sexy Sweaters jumper, Coutour Candy bracelets, Shoedazzle purse, style.com cuff and bralette. 

Have a gelato for us Girls.

D-out. xx

Right Back at YA!

It's so funny that you sent me the H&M summer look book yesterday because I was seriously checking out the 2012 H&M Autum look book last night and was going to send it to YOU!!!!

Great minds, same skulls and all that... Anyways, I'm sooooo loving the majority of these pieces especially the jewelled harness extreme crop top situation in the first image. That is sooo the bomb and defiantly all me!

Oh and a bedazzled trucker's cap is defiantly playing with my dreams!

L x


H&M Summer Lookbook

Its official... I actually NEED every item in your post below!
I do anything for Cavalli any day but that level of casual teamed with the traditional animals and a hint of tropical is just WOW!

In the spirit of "your" summer, I thought the peeps over this side of the universe could use a bit of a summer excitement.
Check out the look book for H&M's High Summer 12.... Hot, hot, hot, hot!

Who cares that we are facing Winter girls... all of these outfits would look perfectly Stunning with a pair of black opaque tights and a quilted leather bomber! 
Helloooooo Winter!

D-out. xx

Window Shopping

Ahhhhhhh, Italy in the summer of 2006 was the BEST. We just spent weeks and weeks lazing in the sun, eating gelato and having regular window shopping adventures. Florence is really jammed packed full of the most amazing shops. My personal fav was wandering to the Cavalli store. Just walking past those windows made me happy AND that time we walked in with flip flops and swimming pool hair, still makes me laugh.

Good old Roberto NEVER lets me down.... have you checked out the Just Cavalli Pre Spring 2013 collection?


OH, and don't get me stated on Luisa Via Roma or the Miu Miu shop.... I die whenever I go to either!

L x



Lu.... What good times. Sitting on the steps of Santo Spirito, fighting over who would make the morning coffee, purchasing way too much acidic colour..... and getting far too tanned. haha!
Firenze is such a second home to the both of us, that your post below makes my heart so full and happy!



I went in!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to get back there! Year after next? Lets try. I miss you and and granita/gelato o'clock.

D-out. xx


Pool Side

Okay.. this is going to be a super quick one... the sun is OUT. The weekend has been soooo amazing weather wise that I may actually try and find an outside pool in London town!!!!

I have never been to one but this current sunshine is worth the hunt.

Images: June issue of Italian publication Velvet. Photgraphy: Marcus Ohlsson

How much do these images remind you of the pool we used to go to in Florence.... ahhhh, good times

Love ya,

L x