After drooling over the giant crystals and what looks to me like pieces of kryptonite used on the catwalks of Chanel and Missoni AW13 shows, all I want is giant pieces crystal... Shoes, bags, cuffs,  jewellery... Everything! It's totes like what Daisy has around her neck the Mario Brothers movie...

Stylesight, google, fashiolista

D-out. xx


The Givenchy jacket in your birthday wish list is one of my fave prints this year! Thats a big call for me! I'm a sucker for any black based floral, but chuck in mirroring and a hint of tropical and its all over! Givenchy have succeeded in taking floral prints to the dark side!

I want them all!!!!

D-out. xx

K/LLER Collection

I'm loving everything spiky at the moment so when I came across this K/ller collection (both in name and literally) I got super excited. The duo of of Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller create these amazing pieces that that are simple yet oh so cool.


Now all I need to do is get me some!

L x


Birthday Wish List

Sorry baby cakes, I have been off the radar. Just started a new job where I have to work like a MILLION hours a week (long story, but there is method to my madness) and it was my birthday yesterday which involved a few little drinkies after work then home with hot chips and a trash film.

It was a proper chilled birthday which only would have been better if I got any of these little items below as a little birthday surprise.

Dolce and Gabbana Boots, We Are Owls scarf, Peter Pilotto Dress, Dannijo Necklace, Givenchy Jacket, Gucci Skirt, Dax Gabler Clutch, Prism glasses

I'm not saying that I don't LOVE all the amazing prezzies I actually got (and there will be a post to follow about them soon) ... I'm just saying if one of these amazing items flew into my world... I would not complain!

On another note, one thing that was on my list (I have been collecting image for a while) was a Sexy Sweater. Seriously!!! It was sooooooooo funny that you posted about them, stay out of my brain lady!!! Anyway, this is the one that I had my eye on...

Angry poodles.. gotta love it!!!!

L x


Sexy Sweaters

OMG!!!! This is one of the best websites I have found in a long time. As some of you may know, my love of sweats stems from the fact that the closer I can get to getting away with wearing "trackies" to work is my goal in life! With sweats like these.. I'm almost there! LURVE!!!!!

D-out. xx


Have a BLAST today my darling Lu.

D-out. xx



You know I love my magazines. I especially love the ones that are not stingy in sharing their content online. Faint magazine is so, so, so super generous when it comes to this. Their current ‘Luna Sea’ issue has some of the most beautiful images I have seen in a while and is full of content that is KILLER! It’s so exciting to see a publication that is so wonderfully image heavy. The ambition of founder, Alexandre Dubois (a photographer himself) was to create a publication that showcased creative and inspiring work and I adore every page.

Ausra Osipaviciute

Zac Steinic

Krishan Parmar

Jana Van Boldt

Mariah Jelena

I have spent hours pouring over the images in this magazine... NOW, I just have to go out there and make some of my own.

L x


A Few More Bones

You would be the hottest little pirate Lu... too much eye liner and tattered layers! I can be the evil Ship Captain.


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D-out. xx


I'm loving the two tops with skeleton hands you have posted. The pirate in me wants more bone inspired items in my wardrobe for summer.

 Christian Lacroix


  Twisted Lamb-Skin Graft

Jean Paul Gaultier
L x


Shopping List

Winter has arrived.
Waking up to the beautiful sound of rain on my balcony this morning made it almost impossible to get out of bed. Until I then realized all of the awesome outfit possibilities this weather offers! Denim, Leather, Black, Layers and more Leather! hhmmmmmm- yum.

Balmain jeans and jacket, Unif tank, Wildfox knit, Alwxander Wang bag, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Topshop earlings, ear cuff and rings.

I have had my eye on the Alexander Wang Jane bag forever now.. Just watching and waiting till it goes on sale. One day! 

D-out. xx

A Raised Eyebrow

I have had what can only be described as an odd day. This included (among other random things) getting my hand scanned for my 'file'... LONG STORY... but the weirdest part about it all was that eyebrows kept randomly popping into my mind.

Now, lets be clear I am a bit obsessed with eyebrows. Ever since I plucked gothic inspired pencil thin arched ones when I was 15, I have noticed everyone's eyebrows. NOTE: I promptly changed my first eyebrow experiment when my sister informed me that I just looked surprised.... permanently. 

Anyway, I was wondering all day today... could I (or anyone who is not a pop star, a performance artist or on a fashion shoot ) pull off a coloured eyebrow situation in real life???

images: Google

I wanna have fun eyebrows.

L x



Patrick Lindell photography



D-out. xx