The Astral Plane - Maniamania

It’s Monday and I’m in crisis.  I can’t concentrate and I really, REALLY don’t want to be working today.  I'm going to have to get my ass into gear, get out of this job and get on with doing my own thing.

I need a free spirit to take over…

 Maniamania 'The Astral Plane' lookbook featuring Dree Hemingway

Checking out the Maniamaina looks books have got me all inspired… time to get out there and do what I gotta to do.

L x


Monday's Shoot

So after the weekend, most of us are feeling pretty deflated, a touch hung over and always exhausted...
I think the best pick me up is a kick ass fashion shoot!

ManiaMania A/W12 Lookbook

F%cking awesome..... Go ManiaMania. I cant wait to get my hands on that giant tooth necklace!

D- out.xx


Lazy Sunny Sunday

I just love it when you wake up, the sun is shining through your window and you have no particular reason to get out of bed. There is nothing better than a plan free, lazy Sunday.

It's a perfect time to indulge in images like these and wait to see where the day takes you...

Images: Bohemian Punk

I'm thinking Sunday roast and berry cider... then park chill out with a tonne of magazines.
The day will be perfect!!!!

L x


Leather Hit and Me

Currently counting seconds on the clock – It’s Friday and I’m itching to get out of work. Thankfully I (very sneakily) broke through my work’s firewall and can now Google to my hearts content. Thank you internet Gods.

Today I have stubble across the August cover shoot for Vogue China and all I can say is… HOLD THE FRIGGEN PHONE, someone broke into my brain and stole my style!!!!! That is my hair and my wardrobe (ok, mine is obviously a budget version.. I’m talking concept.)  It’s kinda like looking at a hot, rich sexy model version of me… this is defiantly what I look like in my dreams.

Eeeeeeeek....  MY DREAM LOOK... I want to look like this one.. 

Model: Kati Nescher Photography: Josh Olins Fashion Editor: Nicoletta Santoro

The leather gloves in the last image make me die a little on the inside will excess love.

Only 56 min to go. Hope you have a good one kids!

L x 


Friday Night Y'all

Is it just me, or did this week feel like it lasted about 4 minutes! WTF?! I'm certainly not complaining. Lets smash this week with a big f&ck off stick and say Heelloooo to the beautiful Weekend.....

fleeting kisses

generations of love

generations of love


they all hate us

they all hate us

we heart it

Whatever you have on or wherever you're heading.. Rock it! 
D-out. xx

Tunes That Crossed the Decks

Last night was my first ever DJ set… well, not counting the ones in my bedroom when I was 13.  In a style all our own (my bezzie MM was my partner in crime), we mashed up all our favourite tunes to create the most schizophrenic and brilliantly mental set ever. It was toooooo much fun!!!
Here is a taster of some of the tunes that crossed the decks….
Baby's on Fire - Die Artwoord

Causing a Commotion  - Madonna

 Parallels - The Soft Moon

Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry

The manger of the band loved the DJ set and took our deets…. Who knows kids, this could be a whole new career.  How hilarious would that be??!!

L x


Hey Miss DJ

OMG!!!! You are officially my idol!!!!! Man, why wasn't I was either a Rock Star or a DJ! You will kill it! I wish I was there to totes be the trashy girl dancing in front of the DJ booth all night!
Leigh Lezark is truly amaze! I put her in the same category as Omahryra Mota; she has the same darkness and intriguing stare.. and I love them just as much as each other.

This outfit it YOU!

all images- Fuck Yeah LEigh Lezark

Whatever you wear Lu you will look ridic! I want photos of this kick arse party please...
D-out. xx


DJ Style

Tonight in Old Street, a friend of mine is having a big crazy launch for his bands debut album and guess who will be in house DJ?? Yep kids, that would be ME (well, together with my best pal, MM)

With the track list almost sorted the next question is… WHAT THE FRIG DO I WEAR???

I am totally going to use Leigh Lezark for a bit of behind the decks inspiration!

Images: Google

Eeeeeek – this should be hella fun.

L x

Dirty Moth-a Fckn Glam

I love how excited you are about road trippin, coz in my mind- I'm packed and ready to go. Could you image the awesome-ness of this trip!

Mila Kunis for the August cover of Interview Magazine- By Craig McDean

I know you're with me on this Lu, this shoot totally sums up everything we want to be in our little skulls! 
D-out. xx

A Glam Ride

Sorry kids, but I can’t get my mind off the road trip. It may have something to do with today being the THIRD consecutive day of sunshine and the fact the guy who sits next to me at work has spent half the day online looking up high performance cars to buy (well jel).

 It all just makes me wanna drive.

Anyways… my dream road trip would totally have a tonne of random glam moments. I know it’s totally ridiculous to bring some sort of blingy outfit into the desert… but hell, who cares about what is appropriate when you on a road trip!?!?!

Images: Vogue Spain Photography: Greg Kadel

This is what I’m talking about – a billowing silk dress and heels on the high way – it can’t get anymore random and fun!

Now time for park, cider, sun and road trip dreaming.

L x