How obsessed we were with OMAHYRA MOTA when I was in Firenze????  I forgot how awesome she was.


D-out. xx



I'm off line for the next 24hr baby BUT thankfully the weekend (on my side of the world ) is almost here.

Until then...I'm hiding...

AND I like to think this is us.... in model form obviously.

I'm so in love with a high pony tail!

Both images are from one of my most fav tumblrs - CRIMEWAVE


L x


Platinum Evil

D-out. xx

Some Friday Bliss

Ali Stephens: Flair Italy

With a weekend of 29degrees... I feel this is the last dose of Summer us Melbourne-ers will enjoy... so, enjoy it Peeps.


D-out xx

Light v Dark

In my quest to consolidate my top 5 (which, lets face it... is never going to happen,) I became enamoured with two London based designers who are now defiantly up there with my local favs. 

Simone Rocha - The lady only graduated in 2008 and in three years … you gets THIS. Love all the contrasting textures and wool details. D, it's worth taking a look at the whole collection, there is a grey coat that you just want to surround yourself with.

Images: Italian Vogue

Belle Sauvage - Launched at the end of 2008, i love, love, love how bold and dare I say, how HOT these clothes are.

This is an ace quote "Our garments are our drawings, paintings and illustrations - our art.'' RESPECT.

Images: Vogue UK

L x


D loves LU!

A parcel got delivered to my work today. You are the BEST, BEST BEST! Luv ya guts LuLu. xxxxx


D-out. xx

Thursday happiness

Super Awesomness. x

D-out. xx


Barbarian Gypsy

After a long day of shooting, WE DID IT! The new BARBARIAN GYPSY campaign is amazeballs. Our gorgeous model Jess was a gem to work with.....See below for a sneaky peak. x

Stock will be available to buy soon! I will keep you updated. http://www.barbariangypsy.com.au/

D-out. xx

AW13.. again

Obviously my Numero Uno designer for AW13 is Balmain, however Dolce and Gabbana is defs my close second. Gold encrusted baroque embellishment... need I say more!


D-out. xx

All Over The Place

It's already been a crazy, crazy week and I have had a proper 'grumpy face' inducing day... Boooooooo

But at least these two things made me smile today.

IRO - Barbara sequin bomber jacket - if I got to slip this on when I got home today, I would be super-dooper happy. FACT.

The Dazed & Confused April issue – 21st Century Girl front cover photographed by Hedi Slimane. Look at Grimes in all that jewellery goodness, how can one be grumpy when looking at that?

I going to buy Dazed on the way home, make myself a whisky and ginger and let the day be gone.

Good times

L x



Um.. " Hard time" is an understatement Lu.
We love winter (winter fashion) and AW13 is FABULOUS!!! So much darkness.....

I'm totes flat out today, so her is my first two faves. xxx

This sht just makes me smile. Way too many studs, spikes, and models with TUDE!
I find Frankie Morello so youth  inspired, almost tacky punk.... LOVE.

I don't know when a season has gone past that Cavalli wasn't part of my top 5. The print, the drape, the softness teamed back with such dramatic heavy leathers and animals......AAGGGHHH!
Its feminine for the tough bitch.

All images- stylesight

OK- must go now, but ill be back with more soon.
D-out. xx


I'm Having a Hard Time

D, I have been trying to choose my top 5 shows of A/W 12-13 and it's just too dam hard. I mean everything has it merits and for me to totally fall in love with something, I need to see it in the flesh (and strangely, all my fashion week invites seem to have been misplaced in the post!!)

So I thought I would play it another way....

This year I was increasing attracted to all the feathers and the wing like shapes I saw on the runway, so (drum roll please) here are my favourite collections that reminded me of BIRDS... ok, ok, I’m grasping at straws BUT you can’t deny the dominance of fur accents (that just reminded me of feathers) and lines that look like they could almost take flight.... so baby, I’m going for it.

MUGLAR - sculpted to the body dresses and power shoulders will always hit my love of the 80’s soft spot.

FENDI - I actually want to wear every single piece in this collection. All that shiny black, pleating, layering goodness masks me so happy.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN - I just can’t get past my love for that amazing visor (or are they giant sun glasses?) It just reminds me of a futuristic Roxy Music.

images: Style.com, Italian Vogue and google

Promise, more to come.

L x


Time to Dance

Some Friday night rump shaking tunes for you .....

Click HERE for TUNES

L x


Have a great weekend all.





D-out. xx

Two and a bit words

Yeah, yeah with the kick boxing monkeys.... All I have to say to you is.... SEAMUS O'GRADY


D-out xx

Sun Kissed

All this talk of holidays made me think of that summer we had in Italy and how I spent most of my time trying to wrestle the tan accelerator out of your hands. Ha, I love that you wanted to accelerate an already chocolate tan. Respect!

Summer 2005 was all about getting you browner (and kick boxing monkeys)… these pics are in honour of that.

I know the words holiday, summer and Italy makes us sound well posh, if only they knew!!!

L x


I'm With Ya.....

You pack your kaftan and I'll pack the coconut oil.......

Google images

Google images 



So glad you're better now!
D- out. xx

Wishful Thinking

I know, I know, I have been off the radar.

I have been ill, bed ridden and dreaming of THIS holiday......

Currently, I'm mentally packing my Elizabeth Taylor inspired kaftan...

L x



So, even though I am saving at the moment, and really being very good... there was NO way I was able to pass on my new NASTYGAL purchase!
UNIF Leo Badass Leopard Biker with studs!!!!! Um.. Hells YEAH!

D-out. xx



Yes Lu, we totes have to debrief on our Top 5 of AW13, but before we do so... we must take the time to give BALMAIN's collection the attention it deserves!
I don't think I have ever been so blown away by any collection.. EVER!!!!

As my gorgeous Abs said...."why have we not embellished everything we own in pearls already"!!!!

I love the "embellished Italian" element to this collection- all the embroidery/brocade details look like the inside of the Sistene Chapel or something found at the Tivoli Gardens.

Overall.... AMAZE!

D-out. xx

Images WGSN

Holding Pattern

We need to have a proper debrief about the A/W 12-13 fashion shenanigans. It’s well over due and I’m currently collating my top 5 for you but its taking ages…soz.  

I get painfully lost in the world of images, so I’m going to have to cull my current list of like 20 but I promise you, it’s-a-coming.

In the mean time, these three looks kill me….

 Images: Italian Vogue

Red, fox fur and leather… does it get any better than that??

L x