It's That Day Again

This weekend, I'm going try and incorporated an element from every one of these images....  just cos it's Friday and that's the way I like to roll baby...

Happy weekend kittens!!!

L x


Power Pony.... Tail

We don't do outfit posts here at Meat. There is enough of that shenanigan on the interweb... you guys don't need to see us in our duds. Anyway, there is far too much cool stuff to post about and really... who cares what we decided to wear? (side note: obviously, our outfits are always rocking... definitely, no question there.) 

With that said, I soooo want to post about my bridesmaid's hair-do. I decided on a power ponytail. I have no idea where this love of a high, thick ponytail originated. Maybe it was all those episodes of 'I Dream of Jeannie' I watched as a kid or obsessing over Madonna in that Gaultier suit on the Blonde Ambition Tour? Regardless, I just knew if there was ever an opportunity to rock one... it would be in a leopard dress at D's wedding.

I did it and loved it. There is something amazing about the feeling of being able to whip about a power ponytail. I'm addicted!!!

Now the question remains.. how do I get the extension in without a hairdresser, cos I definitely  need to rock this look again!?

L x


Back To Reality

It's done.

The wedding we have been talking about for the last forever, finally happened. It was officially the party of the year. The bride was spectacular, the groom sweet a pie and the day went off without a hitch. People danced, laughed and ate till their bellies were full. All and all it was a perfect, killer day!

Now, it's back to reality.... what an anticlimax... sad face.

Piff... need to find something new to focus on... suggestions anyone?

L x


The Day Before The Big One

The count down has officially started!!!

In little over 24 hours our D will be walking down the isle. I'm soooo happy and excited for the cute couple. The day is going to be amazing, beautiful and between the people, dresses, booze and love... it is definitely going to be an event to remember.

Get ready, it's time to celebrate people!!!

On a side note, I must confess I'm kind of bricking it a little. I am wearing these super dooper, high shoes... one bad bridesmaid move and I will be flat on my face with footage instantly uploaded to You Tube.

Fingers crossed I make it through.... I don't want to be the one bridesmaid that falls, how unglamorous!!!!

L x


Forever Heart Bon Jovi

If you know anything about D... you know she hearts Bon Jovi  (and by heart I mean the big fat, about to explode kind.)

This is a serious love which has spanned years and totally needs to be celebrated this week.

I'm sure hubby-to-be understands that if you marry D..... you marry Bon Jovi.

To be honest... how can anyone not love a bit of Bon Jovi? (purely 80's Jovi for me, but I'm kinda retro that way...)

L x


Dune Buggies and Glitter Glam

You would have to have your head buried in the sand not to know that this Saturday D is getting hitched to a super cutie. There is a buzz in the air, the party is going to mega and OMG the DRESSES ( I'm officially in love with my bridesmaid one.)

Soooo in the lead up to the nuptials, I'm going to theme each day this week with something inspired by D and her ways.....

Today... it's this kick ass video from Vouge Italia. It's full of rocking dune buggies, glitter glam, and one tough, cool biatch. It's

D all over...

'Desert Experience' Aline Weber by Greg Kadel for Vogue Italia May 2013

If D owned that zebra stripe top- leather harness- swimsuite combo.. I would soooo be borrowing it, (together with her dune buggy)


L x


The Week Before

Soz, I missed Monday.

Loads of stuff has been happening around Melbourne town but the most important thing of all is that this week is the lead up to D's wedding!!!!!

Soooo, exciting and it's time to get the celebrations started!!!

I'm sure you have all noticed D has had a leave of absence from Meat for a while.... promise she will be back in full form after the moon. (she better or I'm kicking ass!!)

L x