Stack Attack III

Sorry kids, one last necklace post....It’s always nice to add a point of difference when stacking your jewellery. I like to mix contrasting textures (fabric with metal) or themes (tough with dainty) but lately the easiest way to make a statement is the injection of a little colour to your pile of sparkle.

Tom Binn seems to have the multi strand, multi colour necklace sorted. Started in 2004, Tom finds his creative inspiration in the Dada movement so there is defiantly a hint chaos and whimsy in every piece. There are some extremely delicious pieces in his current collection, how could you ever choose just one?

If you’re your Etsy inclined (and lets face it, not many of us have much splash cash these days) there are defiantly some dazzling hand painted neon alternatives that are sooo on my wish list.

Here are some goodies to check out.

Let’s face it, it’s impossible NOT to want to wear as much gorgeousness around your neck as possible when you see what’s out there!

L x


Battleship Galactica

We have been seeing it trickle through for a while now... Peeps, it's landed! The Galaxy!!!!
Galaxy prints will be all over retail next Winter for us over this side of the universe, but that doesn't mean that we can't totes rock them this coming season! Or NOW!

Think My Little Pony meets Transformers!

christoper kane

fashion radical

feather fleurette

hannahs note

mrs nitha

recycled fashion

we heart it


efashion trend

With leggings, tee's, phone covers, ipad cases, boots and bags; We are all seeking a Galaxy far, far away.

D-out. xx

OMG- Same Skulls

OMG, Great minds think alike baby! I have been layering up the necklaces BIG time lately! Reason being I am so over all of my clothes, that the only was I can feel fresh is to stack up the jewels.

Now... I need more!


D-out. xx

Stack it Baby

One thing I'm really loving at the moment is a good old necklace stack. Actually, I have loved stacked jewellery ever since I started wearing Madonna bangles as a kid. You can just rock it so many ways...

Team it with an old T and boom, a hit of Glam Grunge.

Chunk it up with a few spikes for a bit of Goth Rock.

Over the top gold for a bit of Rococo Opulence.

Image: Google

I love a bit of OTT jewellery... don't even get me started on all the massive obnoxious earnings I have!

L x


J. E. Quaintance

 Hells Bells – look who I came across while researching my skateboarding post last night… James Edward Quaintance.

Professional skateboarder, part time model and tattooist.. The boy seems like he does it all.

Here we are spending all our time checking out all the gorgeous girls in the world that we are missing out on all the hot boys. Shame on us!

Now, let’s just take a moment to admire…

 Neat, tattooed and looks like he showers regularly – that ticks a lot of boxes! Hot dam!

 L x



Going to Lady Gaga now.... Yes.. NOW!

Get your paws up... Coz baby you were born this way! 

I will have so many outfits to report back to you on tomo. 
Wooo hoooo! 

D-out. xx

Locals Only

You can't talk skateboarding without talkin' LORDS OF DOGTOWN! 
Its the story of the Z-boys (Jay Adams, Stacey Peralta and Tony Alva) growing up in the 70's in the Summers of Dogtown Santa Monica. 

Not only are the outfits just totally spot on for the era, the cast is banging. Emile Hirsch plays Jay Adams... Um yes! HOT! 
This movie makes you wanna drop out of school, skate and surf your life away with the perfect tan, cuff off's and sun bleached locks. 

Not to mention.... its mine and my Bro's fave movie!


Watch this movie Lu and you will be hitting the deck in no time! 

D-out. xx

Skate Away

Sticking with this 90's-esque vibe - I have decided to do a few things this year that I have always wanted to do.

1. Road trip across America (currently saving)
2. Learn the drums (got the sticks now looking for a cool drum teacher)
3. Give the skateboard a proper go.

Ha.. now don't laugh. I had a bit of time on a skate board in my youth (obviously, totally laughable) and I want to have another go. The way I see it, some people roller skate for fun... why can't I skateboard?

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be looking as cute as any of these skateboarding lovelies... (due to the fact that I will be flat on my ass most of the time.)


Gloria Marigo

Zanita Morgan for The Stylist’s Own

Zanita Morgan for The Stylist’s Own

Note: I just put the last Steve McQueen pic in just cos it is just soooooooo friggen COOL!

NOW... I just have to get myself a skateboard... will keep ya posted with pic of all my bruises. Ha ha, I'm laughing about myself already!

L x


Erin Wasson for Bullet Magazine

I dont know how well the PVC boots will go around the office Lu, especially coz you haven't been there that long. Me on the other hand... it would almost be expected! ha-ha!

I love that we are having such a 90's week! Check out the shoot from Bullet Magazine. Erin, of course, the epitomy of 90's grunge perfection. The almost black lips with the high ponytail is brilliant. I know this shoot isnt that 90's esc.. but the whole thing just reminds me of how I wanted to look when I was 14.

Bullet Magazine

D-out. xx