Anna Dello Russo at H&M

There are no words to explain how EXCITED I am about this collection!!!!!
I totes want to be Anna when I grow up! She wares everything I would wear if I didn't live in reality.

So, with almost a year to my wedding,... I think every piece from this collection is must for me on the day!
Yes Lu.... This means that you have to get your game face one, roll those sleeves up and fight those bitches off to make sure you get in first!

I'm so lucky to have the bestest cousin in the world... Tee-hee

D-out. xxx


  1. Oh I'm on it but your do realise... only 1 of each item allowed!!!

    We need a plan

    L x

  2. Oh and BTW I love ADR... she is just so cute!

    L x

  3. I know, she seems so sweet and her accent is to die for....
    Ok- we can discuss items at a later stage.
    D. xx