Lu, your post below is another slice of what we are in our skulls; far too much gold, peroxide and lipstick... not to mention the ciggies... Ahhhhhh Adore!

Now, I know we are a fashion blog and all but after talking fashion all day every day all I can express to you all right now is how SUPER HAPPY I AM THAT IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

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YES, YES, YES We are here again and it feels sooooooo good! 
Enjoy the weekend ya'll. 

D-out. xx


Sarcastic, Crazy and Sexy

Sarcastic, crazy and sexy was a description I read somewhere long ago about Moschino. It has always stuck in my mind. You really could not want three more brilliant words used to describe anything let alone the joy that is Moschino. Anyway, I'm off topic...when I think Moschino, I think gold. Gold chain... gold rings... gold trim... outfits always seem to be dripping in gold.

In the spirit of all that is sarcastic, crazy, sexy and GOLD,,, here is Harpers Bazaar Spain - August.

Harpers Bazaar Spain: August Photo: Txema Yeste Model: Hanaa Ben Abdesslem 

Seriously, those long legs on that Porsche... you can't get any more SCS if you tried.

(SCS - Sarcastic Crazy Sexy. I'm so using that acronym from now on. Love it. Get used to it.)

L x


Can you believe it!

As I have never had a lazy $4000.00 to drop on piece of designer clothing, I wait for the high street to release 'their version', then Boom! I have my 'D&G' look alike, still before it hits our shores!
Today we came across the new River Island Lookbook.. and OMG guys! They have the D&G black and gold baroque bloomers, a similar print to MuiMui jacquard in bomber form (which in my opinion is even better than the MuiMui suit), Isabel Marant look alike jumpers and the entire Baroque rock story checked off!

I need everything in the Lookbook... Lu, you know what this means baby! I'll need to transfer you some cash if this stock has hit the UK stores!

This is the most successful Winter story I have seen yet! I know we haven't hit summer yet... but BRING IT! Baroque prints, jacquard's, sheers, laces and goth opulent goth styling. 

I need this tartan suit STAT!

D-out. xx


Clean it up

I am loving any form of mish mash clash right now. So many awesome digital prints clashed with street styling (as per your post below) is totes rocking my world! In saying this.... Lets clean it up a little. Crisp, traditional, almost 90's vibe styling is also  one of my loves.. and NO one does it better than Moschino!

Moschino Fall 2012 Campagn

This shoot even though of from their AW12, is totes 90's. Love it! 

D-out. xx


Meshit X Daliah Spiegel

There are many ways print can go and at the moment we are seeing a load of Op art and mirrored type of graphic goodness.
Adore, obviously - but being able to mix it up with some randomness is always good. Step in Meshit. This Vienna based label's collaboration with photographer Daliah Spiegel uses images of  animals, toys, crystals to create this brilliantly urban inspired collection.

I just love how this collaboration is killing it with it's whole cool casual unisex feel.

Note: I love the word unisex... it reminds me of some dodgy suburban hairdressers shop front window from the 80's.

Photography: Daliah Spiegel

Meshit X Daliah Spiegel's random image mash-up makes me want to break out some glue and scissors... attack a National Geographic and get some collage action happening. Doing it!

Anyway, you all know me... just put a  kitten face on something and it ALWAYS has my approval!

L x


It's Saturday!

Another weekend is well and truly underway peeps! I hope you are all having a Blast!

we heart it

google- Gia Carangi


we heart it


where is my tea

google- Rita Ora

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where is my tea

bitching and junk food

Party hard Ladies! 
D-out. xx


This Suit Business

I have to admit, my sudden adoration of anything suit-like has got me stumped... why have I never really noticed them before? I suspect I may have had a minor suit induced trauma as a child because I really don't understand (to the point of jaw dropping shock) how I could have avoided all the iconic and spectacular suits out there.

In a quest to reverse my suit lobotomy.. I did a bit of research.

 Yves Saint Laurent's iconic Le Smoking Suit

 Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich : designer unknown

 Penelope Tree and Jean Shrimptondesigner unknown

           Bianca Jagger - Halston Grace Jones - Armarni

              Madonna - Jean Paul Gaultier   Annie Lennox - Designer unknown

                       Kate Moss - Chanel     Christy Turlinghton  - Tailleur Genny

Linda, Christy and Naomi - Yohji Yamamoto

Karlie Kloss Etro

I must say... I love how suits have evolved from just dressing like a man to some where in-between... because we all know, in- between is totally where it is at!

Love ya,

L x