Strange Days

Last 7 days = mental.

It's been... hot, cold - happy, sad - busy, boring - productive, getting nowhere.

Running on the spot is not fun (especially, when you hate running in the first place)

Okay.... got to keep on keeping on... will keep ya posted.

L x



Last night I had to say goodbye to my little angel. I don't care what some people say, in my opinion, pets are sometimes better than some humans; so... when treated like one of the family for so long... they are!
My little munchkin was a hilarious little spring with a heart full of love, so there will be sad posts from me... No sir! Just a circus in tribute to my monkey! x

Taylor Marie Hill x Elle Italia, March 2013

Always and Forever Bello.... Always and Forever! 
D-out. xx


Heat Black Out

It feels like the 100th day in a row of pure heat madness (the reality is, it's more like 2.5 weeks.. but that is sooooo not the point...)

I have ceased to function and have been reduced to fanning myself with a  concertinaed cover of Vogue on the veranda. This never ending oven-like environment is not working for me...

You know when your ankles are sweaty...  it has reached crisis point!

L x


Grow DOWN!

It hit me a little while ago that there are too many people now days trying to be so much older than what they actually are! Over the past few months I have encountered too many twenty somethings who seriously seem waaaaayyyy older than me! Yes- 30+!!!!
Why I ask???? I don't get it!?!?!?!?!? Who wants to be boring an old!?!?!? NOT ME!

I guess when you have parents like mine (57 or so who look amazing and rock out like they are 30) a notion like this is inconceivable... So I say to you... Stop trying to grow up and Grow DOWN! Please.... 
Maturity is boring! x

So all you "oldies" out there, take a step back, a shot of tequila and realize that you wont be young forever! 

D-out. xx


Richardson Does His Thing With Steaming Miranda

I feel like a proper perve when I see images from Purple Magazine. There is something about Terry Richardson's photos that make you feel you have walked in on a personal moment.... a very sexy personal moment. 

These images of Miranda Kerr are definitely no exception. The combination of Miranda's angelic, dimpled face together with whatever Richardson's does with the camera (and the moment...) just make these images friggen STEAMING. 

Seriously, you could not put any more clothes on this girl... Goes to show, you don't need to see boobs to make a shot look hot. 

L x


A Little Break From The Heat

How many days has it been now?? Like a week or more???...

Usually (when on holidays) this is all we would ever wish for, but when you live in the city and have to go to work, this heat wave is getting a little too much to handle.
Why cant we be like the Italians and not have to go to work when the weather is screaming "BEACH".

On the flip-side, I think everyone is in need of a cool change. Tommy Ton has done is again, capturing the best street style from this seasons Fashion week. I'm the last person to wish Summer away, but right now a Celine Spiced coat is looking pretty damn appealing!

picks: style.com

A cool change must be coming soon......
D- out. xx