Hot In The City

Well, you're right Lu.. That bit of sun your craving is not far away at all as its only FIVE DAYS TILL YOU ARRIVE!!!!!!
Yesterday was one of the hottest days Melbourne has had since (insert fact here).. ages, I guess! 
Summer is here and its time to get those pins out and start oiling up Peeps! 

The post is making me totes desperado to hit the beach! 

D- out. xx


The Last Beach Holiday

Summer is over in London. It has been raining for like a week solid and I have officially forgotten what it is like to have the sun in the sky. It all makes me wish I squeezed in one last seaside holiday before the cold came. As much as I would have liked a Miami beach style get-a-way, the reality would have been more like these images by Nikolay Biryukov for Fashion Gone Rouge. It would have had an end of season vibe (meaning no real sun) and been full of budget B&B's and winter coats!

Nikolay Biryukov for Fashion Gone Rouge.

Ahhhh, to be honest.. I'm not that bothered. There really is something lovely about being safe and warm inside while it is raining out side....and, I have a feeling that a real bit of sun is not that far away!!!

L x


Listen Up!

Word from the wise (not me, of course).

You know when you trawling through the internet looking for god knows what and you stumble upon kick ass quotes that totes represent your beliefs, well, I love that!
Nothing beats a good quote! Especially when the font is visually appealing- tee hee!

The above pretty much sums up my entire exsistance!
So take it all in and execute peeps! 

D-out. xx


What Day Is it?

Oh yeah baby... it's a new week and fingers crossed, it will be a good one. 

I have big plans and a big move on the horizon... so in need of some visual fun!

Have a good week all!

L x


Sunday Sunshine

For the first time in a long time, I have woken up on a Sunday (not hungover) and felt refreshed. There is nothing better than 11hours sleep, especially this time of year when silly season is really starting to kick in.
Good old Melbourne promised us 28 degrees today... but once again, hasn't delivered. However I'm happy to settle for anything sunshine, even though its only like 24!
Fingers crossed this is a hint of sunny things to come....

Enjoy the day beautiful Girls!

D- out. xx


Black Shopping Friday.. Who Knew??

I know that neither D or I are based in America but for the last week or so references to 'Black Friday' kept on appearing in my world. I looked at the calendar and Friday did not fall on the 13th and the Mayan end of the world is not due till the 21st Dec... so what is this Black Friday all about??

Turns out it's all about shopping!!!! This Friday marks the beginning of Christmas shopping and to celebrate place like Walmart in America have mega sales. As much as I love shopping, surely a day of sales should be called Rainbow Friday or Happy Friday? Where did this all start? Ahhhhh, maybe I'm just too traditional but I like to keep my black Fridays...well, black.

AND let us not forget... It's friggen Friday.... lets good times roll!!!!

Note: We all know, any day is a good day for a touch of shopping.

L x