Well... What a year......

This year has been incredible and insane at the same time!

We have loved, laughed, cried, partied (sometimes a little too hard), worked (FAR too hard), met some great new people, welcomed some beautiful new bubba's into the universe and lost some amazing loved ones all in the space of 12 months. I guess like everything, we have to take the good with the bad..."what doesn't kill us makes us stronger"... right?!

So get those mighty "strong" hands in the air.... and wave em around like ya just done care!!!!!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS!

Be safe, be merry, be nice, by true, be rowdy, be drunk and most of all BE YOU!!!!

Have an AMAZEBOMB NYE ya'll....

Big love and kisses. 
D-out. xxx


Colour and Fun at Marry Me Jimmy Paul

I have never been to the Riviera but I suspect that it is full of opulent living, excess colour and a proper hedonistic lifestyle. I'm thinking the dark tans of Saint Tropez and the turquoise waters of Hyeres where there rich and famous play and the dark savage undertones of an artistic temperament invite all manner of unspoken mayhem.

The current Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Marry Me Jimmy Paul encompasses the extreme spectrum of the sun and all the pizazz of a Riviera lifestyle to create exaggerated kaleidoscopic prints and a total celebration of textures and shapes.  This collection is underwater cartoon madness.

When I get my yacht the first place I will set sail to, will be the Riviera. I will be brown and leathery from the sun... sipping bubbles and eating mico-meals from giant plates. It's totally the life I was supposed  to lead!

L x



OMG! I never thought this day would come..... HOLIDAYS!!!!!! Woooo hoooo!
I am officially off work for like.... ages, well 9 days.....

Now, come on Melbourne.. I will be a good girl, just give me HOT HOT HOT Weather!

JOY, HAPPINESS, FUN, SUN, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! 
D-out. xx


Holiday Sugar Come Down

I have woken up today with a holiday binge, sugar come down head ache. Ouchie.. my head hurts... a pain killer and super strong tea is required. STAT!

I suspect Cara Delevingne knows how to party. These latest images in The Journal Magazine photographed by Huge Lippe remind me of too many party nights and countless hangs overs where only a two litre bottle of Coke would get you through the next day.

 The Journal Magazine, Photography: Huge Lippe

On a different note.... I'm totally obsessed with Cara eyebrows. It's like they have a personality all their own and really make her look super dooper HOT. If I could stick those on my face... I soooooo would... eyebrow transplant maybe?

L x