Hot Cross Me

I am officially stuffed to the brim. It has been a day of full of Easter excess. I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy every minute of it but between all the chocolate, baby chicks and bunny ears, my favourite holiday visual would have to be the cross (and not only when it is on a bun!)

The crucifix is profoundly embedded in this originally religious weekend... regardless, I will quite happily risk being called sacrilegious (wouldn't be the first time) so that I can explore the cross in all it's fashion forms...

The cross rocks... FACT.

I'm seriously considering going another round with a chocolate bunny... I can assure you, I will be winning this battle!

L x


Its a GOOOOOD Friday!

Yes it bloody hell is. Good Friday, something to do with Jesus, but for us it means a day of rest. For me it means a day of dvd's, hot cross buns and cream eggs.... (ok- so there is a significant break in my wedding diet today)- a huge break in fact! hahah

Lu said is best... Madonna rocks. There are few things in life more inspiring than a kick ass, take no sh*t, strong woman.... Madge being a Leo is just the cherry on top!
Woman like Madonna, Kate, RiRi make working like a dog and being too busy for words, totally manageable. If they can do it, so can I...

Strike a Pose! x

Yeeaaaahhhh Bitches.. Have a super day!

D. xx


I Just Had To Do It... Madonna Rocks

After yesterday's post, I just had to revisit all that was good about 80's Madonna. I have been googling  images for like a day... currently obsessed all over again!!!!

The lady was seriously one of the coolest cats around.

This black and white one right here was one of my all time favourite photos of Maddy when I was a kid.... I still love it... and I still want to be this image...

Ahhh.... all this has just mad my day. Happy Times.

L x


Some Things Just Stick

It is no secret that as a kid I was a mental Madonna fan. My bedroom was plastered with wall to wall posters and at any given moment, you would would find me, dancing, singing... doing anything that was remotely Madonna like. She was totally my first girl crush and style inspiration.

To this day, I am still a massive fan of a bit of black netting, some fishnets (espc. to the knee) and billions of bangles. What can I say... that look just stuck in my brain forever.

I'm obviously not the only one that has been effected by the genius of 80's Madonna. This cover story for Marie Claire Italia stinks of all things Maddy. It's like Lucky Star Madonna went to visit the her dad at the Papa Don't Peach house and I totally ADORE!!!

 Photography: Jacques Olivar

Everyone promise me you will crank some classic Madonna up loud today and dance like you have never danced before!!

P.S Sorry about the shitty quality of these images... I just could not find any better ones. You know my OCD will be thinking about that all day now.

L x