All Hallows Eve

Not a fan of pumpkins, witches hats and children screaming in the streets and demanding candy.
But, hey... A day of darkness.. I'm in!

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D- out. xx

Boooooo.... You Scared Yet?

Halloween is upon us. EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

Time to celebrate all the ghouls and monsters out there and embrace a bit of our dark side.

If there is any day to get your FREAK on... today is it!

Happy scare day kittens.

L x


If We Close Our Eyes

If we all close our eyes really, REALLY hard we can pretend that it is still the weekend! Grrrrrrr, it's Monday again and I totally woke up with this ‘groundhog day’ feeling. Luckily, some of the first things I see when I switch on the computer are these scorching images by Pierre Dal Corso in Contributor Magazine

Maybe I can imagine that it is indeed the weekend and this is me getting ready for a party night. I can't decide between the gold dress or the leather catsuit... both are blistering!

Contributor Magazine, Photography: Pierre Dal Corso

If all this hotness is not going to make me pumped that the weekend is not far away.... nothing will.



Lazy Sunday

To be honest Lu and I could go on about animal/leopard/zebra for ever and then some.. but we wont do that you you guys.. (well not all at once anyway).

So, its sunday, I'm on the couch and too lazy to even paint my nails. I wish I had a little fairy that would get my nail polish remover for me, then chose a new colour! oh- so much to do!
In the spirit of lazy-ness, check out Anja Rubik in the effortlessly breezy shoot for Vogue Paris.

Vogue Paris 2012

Yes... double denim will never die! 
If anyone thinks double (or should I say triple) denim is something to dis, then blegh.... I pity you.

D-out. xx


It's A Jungle Out There

I love an animal afternoon... in fact, why restrict it to just one afternoon? As far as I am concerned, a little bit  of animal every day is a total necessity.

Currently, I've been rocking a load of zebra print. It's graphic, simple and pure rock!

How can you not just LOVE a bit of animal print in your life???

L x


Lets make it an Animal Afternoon

Tomorrow is Friday and OMG, what a week. In a nutshell=Total Crapola! ... and I am super ready to smash this week with a massive FK Off stick. Lets say goodbye and make Friday afternoon pure Animalia! 


Yeah.... thats all! 

D- out. xx