Yip! Yip! Yipeee!!! We made it! It is now officially Friday!

I must say, being at work at 7:30 is a mega drag.. but when the sun is out and you're peering into two days off... IT'S PARTY TIME!

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Happy Friday Ladies...
Mucho Kisses!

Ciao ciao
D. x


Ode To Erin

No Lu, it ain't summer yet, so I still have time to raid your coat collection! Whoooop!

You got me thinking...
No one, and I mean no one, does Summer cool like Erin Wasson. With her sun kissed skin, hair that has seen more oceans than salons, and far too many random tats, she is the perfect summer Goddess!

And... the fact that she is regularly snapped with her doggie makes me happy. 

Ciao ciao
D. xx


Sneaky Summer

It's been chilly, chill in Melbo town. I'm soooo happy that it gets cold here. When I moved back I had a mild panic about not being able to wear all the beautiful coats I accumulated while living in the UK (trust me, there are loads)... but lucky for me the temperature has dropped.

Although, if you happen to be peeping out your window (from the safety of your warm room) over the last few days, you would be fooled in thinking summer had arrived. The sun has been blazing a brilliant white and has filled these cold days full of light.

All the shiny rays is making me think of summer and all these hot photos of Crystal Renn in Harpers Bazaar, Spain makes me wish for some road trip, beach time...

Harpers Bazaar Spain Photography: Nico Stylist: juan cebri├ín

Who am I kidding?? I'm still traumatised by that heat wave we had back in Jan/Feb...

Viva the low degrees.

L x


The Rolling Fog

Whooooo, it's super misty out there. The fog is thick and for a Monday, the drama is high.

Don't fret little ones, the sun is peeping though.... I can just about see it....

Fog is kind of scary and comforting at the same time... you just got to love special days like today.

L x


Sunday Morning

Sunday morning can be fabulous (like today, when its cold and the sun is shining- YES, coats and sunnies weather), or it can be the dreaded day when you wake up with sore eyes, a screeching head and mascara way too far down your cheek... Well today I'm a little of both. Semi hung over but loving the outfits this weather allows.. and about to head out for dumplings! yessssss!

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Enjoy your sunday Ladies.. with your sunnies on.

Ciao Ciao
D. x


Friday Stuff

It's here!!

It's Friday... in a few hours, you can wash off the week, put on your freakum shoes (you know they are the ones that boys don't like but you know are officially awesome) and get out there and have some proper fun!!

I love the weekends...... it's a no brainer.

L x