Alys, Oyster And An Afternoon

Being all patriotic like and having just moved back to the land of Oz, I have become re-enamoured with the totally ACE (yes, that was supposed to sound like a 13 year old girl) magazine Oyster. I have spent most of the day on their website enjoying absolutely everything it had to offer (in between applying for jobs and all that jazz, obviously.) The brilliance of Oyster is that it's not too arty for it's own good or too commercial to become annoying. It's definitely going to be my regular magazine treat now that I have relocated down under. (I can't believe I just used the term 'down under' ... what a knob)

Just reading photographer Zac Handley's description about a random day photographing model Alys Hale sounds like it would be the most perfect afternoon at work ... I'm super jelly and the images are killer to boot!

Photography: Zac Handley Fashion: Elle Packham  Model: Alys Hale  Makeup: Nancy Sea Siler  Hair: Rae Boriboun

Okay, back to reality... I don't like reality, but that was well established long ago.

L x

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