The Power Fringe

Spring 2013 Couture is in full swing. I'm sure at some point soon you will be getting the D & L  'Best Of ' but until then lets talk Chanel. The styling at Chanel is always impeccable (to be expected)  but I have to say I'm totally seduced by this years offering of cascading, almost veil-like hair adornments. Now kids lets face it,  we all know why I'm totally attracted to these fabric faux fringes... I will give you a hint... THE 80's!!!! Tell me that Largerfeld was not channelling a little Flock of Seagulls when he was coming up with these ingenious fabric bouffants.

Chanel Details from Style.com

I support anything that hails the return of the power fringe.... Karl, you rock!

L x

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