Grow DOWN!

It hit me a little while ago that there are too many people now days trying to be so much older than what they actually are! Over the past few months I have encountered too many twenty somethings who seriously seem waaaaayyyy older than me! Yes- 30+!!!!
Why I ask???? I don't get it!?!?!?!?!? Who wants to be boring an old!?!?!? NOT ME!

I guess when you have parents like mine (57 or so who look amazing and rock out like they are 30) a notion like this is inconceivable... So I say to you... Stop trying to grow up and Grow DOWN! Please.... 
Maturity is boring! x

So all you "oldies" out there, take a step back, a shot of tequila and realize that you wont be young forever! 

D-out. xx

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