Some Things Just Stick

It is no secret that as a kid I was a mental Madonna fan. My bedroom was plastered with wall to wall posters and at any given moment, you would would find me, dancing, singing... doing anything that was remotely Madonna like. She was totally my first girl crush and style inspiration.

To this day, I am still a massive fan of a bit of black netting, some fishnets (espc. to the knee) and billions of bangles. What can I say... that look just stuck in my brain forever.

I'm obviously not the only one that has been effected by the genius of 80's Madonna. This cover story for Marie Claire Italia stinks of all things Maddy. It's like Lucky Star Madonna went to visit the her dad at the Papa Don't Peach house and I totally ADORE!!!

 Photography: Jacques Olivar

Everyone promise me you will crank some classic Madonna up loud today and dance like you have never danced before!!

P.S Sorry about the shitty quality of these images... I just could not find any better ones. You know my OCD will be thinking about that all day now.

L x

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