I Know The Sun Is Out, but...

OK, OK, I am fully aware I now find myself in the Southern Hemisphere.  I also know that I now have access to an abundant amount of sun and am slightly drunk on the serious amount of vitamin D that has found itself into my body as a result... BUT... no matter what the temperature or how environmentally appropriate it may be, I can never resist adding a bit of leather to an outfit. Who could???

These head to toe leather outfits from the latest M, Le Monde Magazine make me jump around on the inside with glee!!! So much leather. Who would not want to go out for dumplings and noodles looking like one of these hotties??

M Le Monde. Photography: Ward Ivan Rafik

From what I can gather, M Le Monde magazine is the style supplement to a French evening newspaper. I bet a 'French style supplement' would be proper amazing and put the my local newspaper's attempt to shame!

Oh and happy end of the world kids... hope you have your best outfit on. Remember, you don't want to start your next life in some dodgy duds!

L x

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