Jet Lag From Hell

It's all true... I find myself back in Melbourne and it is nice to be home (albeit, a little odd.)

With that said I'm not dealing with the jet lag very well. You are awake and asleep at all the wrong times. Your hungry yet queasy and spend the time you should be dancing walking around like a zombie. I'm convinced that I will never sleep like a normal person again, so expect odd things to come out of my brain for the next few weeks. Oh, did I tell you that it takes weeks for me to get back to normal... I really don't know how some people do it (ha, obviously being dramatic but bad sleep always = bad times)

BUT, enough moaning... a little jet lag is a small price to pay to be able travel, explore and run a muck on the other side of the world.

Here's to everything being so familiar yet soooo strange all at the same time and a bit of sun to boot!!!

L x

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