Colour and Fun at Marry Me Jimmy Paul

I have never been to the Riviera but I suspect that it is full of opulent living, excess colour and a proper hedonistic lifestyle. I'm thinking the dark tans of Saint Tropez and the turquoise waters of Hyeres where there rich and famous play and the dark savage undertones of an artistic temperament invite all manner of unspoken mayhem.

The current Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Marry Me Jimmy Paul encompasses the extreme spectrum of the sun and all the pizazz of a Riviera lifestyle to create exaggerated kaleidoscopic prints and a total celebration of textures and shapes.  This collection is underwater cartoon madness.

When I get my yacht the first place I will set sail to, will be the Riviera. I will be brown and leathery from the sun... sipping bubbles and eating mico-meals from giant plates. It's totally the life I was supposed  to lead!

L x

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