Rose Tinted Flashback

As a teenager (and lets face it, well into adulthood.... actually, even a little bit now...) I liked to Punk, Grunge and Goth it up. So when it came to clothes or music, I think it was as simple as being attracted to anything that had a bit of an arsey attitude. I used to work on potential outfits for hours and due to my teeny, tiny funds would source from charity shops, friends wardrobes or beg my mum to make me stuff similar to something I had seen in a magazine somewhere. When I think back, it was all soooo much fun.

For 14 year old me, clothes and music defined everything. I can only hope I looked as cool as Kremi Otashliyska in this months Numero Magazine. In my rose tinted, wishful mind... this is exactly the look I was rocking back in the day. (minus the lables... obvs)

Numero Magazine June/July Photography: Greg Kadel

Ok, ok, I was not as cool as this, FACT... but sometimes, I still invest hours thinking about an outfit and I'm still obviously attracted to anything with a tonne of attitude.

See even when you're a 'grown up', some things never change. 

L x

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