Sweet Life

We all know, I like my music. Having recently started playing the drums myself, I have a particularly keen interest in checking out bands with cool chick drummers. Soooo, you can understand how much my level of happy increased when I secured tickets to Deap Valley in July. These two hotties are proper rocking LA babes and you def. need to check it...

But I digress... the reason I'm telling you all this is that immediately after buying these tickets the next thing I happen to stumble across on line are these killer images from L'Officiel Netherlands. Now tell me there are not some serious style parallels?!?

 L'Officiel Netherland June/July 2013 Photographer: Paul Bellaart Stylist: Dimphy Den Otter

Sometimes, it seems that days are themed. On those days I feel the universe is trying to tell me something. Lets just hope it's not to wear high waisted, cut off shorts. .. I just don't have the thighs... sad face.

L x

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