Heavily Made Up

Have you ever seen images of the Blitz kids walking out of a club in the early 80's all decked out in puffy satin and lace, with OTT giant hair and immaculate make up?  I just love those photos. They make me wish I was clubbing in London in 1980 because by the look of things, it was definitely the place to be.

Blitz kid's outfits had the most mental attention to detail particularly when it came to make up. Actually, you know what,  I'm going to stop typing. Style in the late 70's, early 80's London deserves a whole post (or 5) on it's own. All I really wanted to say was, that if the Blitz kids were still about... I bet their make up would look something like this.....

Vogue Japan, June photgraphy: Sølve Sundsbø stylist: George Cortina model: Martha Hunt

Puts simple eye-liner to shame really....

L x

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