City of Angels

Dudettes, I'm back!
The wedding was fabulous.... Honeymoon was awesome, and now its time to re-caim my spot in the land of MEAT, and give my darling Lu a much deserved break.

We have so much to catch up on but I would like to start with LA LA LAND! The City of Angels!
Growing up Melrose Place and rock obsessed I knew that LA would be the place for me... and my god was I right! The LA uniform is still biker boots (lace up or buckle), cut off denim shorts and a white tank, which is all I wanted to wear as an impressionable 13 year old watching the Melrose Place opening credits!

Walking the streets of LA, especially down Venice Beach, I seriously felt like I was in Red Hot Chili Peppers film-clip.
You can totally imagine Anthony topless in his over the knee shorts and high top boots hanging out on the corner and Flea skateboarding down the boardwalk like a lunatic wearing nothing but little shorts with his tongue out.

90's rock was clearly born Under the Bridge Downtown...

google, Rolling stone, wikepedia

Oh Yeah; The amount of skateboarders is so many more than what we are used to.... Man- Love that sh&t!
It just rocked guys... thats all I can say. Lu... You will love!

Ciao Ciao
D. x

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