Light v Dark

In my quest to consolidate my top 5 (which, lets face it... is never going to happen,) I became enamoured with two London based designers who are now defiantly up there with my local favs. 

Simone Rocha - The lady only graduated in 2008 and in three years … you gets THIS. Love all the contrasting textures and wool details. D, it's worth taking a look at the whole collection, there is a grey coat that you just want to surround yourself with.

Images: Italian Vogue

Belle Sauvage - Launched at the end of 2008, i love, love, love how bold and dare I say, how HOT these clothes are.

This is an ace quote "Our garments are our drawings, paintings and illustrations - our art.'' RESPECT.

Images: Vogue UK

L x


  1. The music playing in the SIMONE ROCHA parade... is fcking awesome!!!! you image yourself strutting to that dont ya!!!??!?!? i do!
    not a fan of a peplym, but her fabrics and silhouettes are gorgeous!

  2. i have never heard of this designer before, but she rocks!!! She has a collection called LEOPARD by Belle Sauvage.... WOW!!!!!!! IM SOLD! D. xxx

  3. NOT a FAN of the peplym?? You're crazy, I love them, I need a leather on in my life!!

    Oh and Belle Sauvage are two people...will update the post with more deets... my mental week is almost OVER!!!