I Did it Again.

Speaking of H&M... 

Funny things become traditions when you are in London Town.  I’m not talking about the hard-core turkey at Christmas type traditions we all have, I’m more thinking about the things you do, well... just cos it’s what you always do.

For my London bezzie Ms M and me, it’s going to the H&M designer collaboration collections. Last week it was Marni

Now, when I first got here in 2006 I was giddy at the thought of Viktor and Rolf and H&M. London seemed this wonderland where you could get designer on the high street (well, of sorts). Fast forward 5 years, I was not quite that excited. NOT that I don’t love Marni (perish the thought), I just got jaded… I mean, did I really want anything????

Ms M loved what she had seen of the collection and she was going. As I contemplated the situation M reminded me… it’s tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was right, it is OUR tradition. We have been to them all, Comme, Sonia, Lanvin. We had gotten up at stupid o’clock, stood in a massive cue in the freezing cold for clothes and we always had fun. I was soooo going just for the laugh and I promised myself I was not going to buy anything.

It took me 3 seconds with the clothes to change my mind. I'm a sucker I know but check out what I got…..…

Always wanted some white leather!!!!

Lu x

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  1. Can you please wear this top with a black midi tube, printed tights and our Maurie & Eve boots.
    D xx