Yes Lu, we totes have to debrief on our Top 5 of AW13, but before we do so... we must take the time to give BALMAIN's collection the attention it deserves!
I don't think I have ever been so blown away by any collection.. EVER!!!!

As my gorgeous Abs said...."why have we not embellished everything we own in pearls already"!!!!

I love the "embellished Italian" element to this collection- all the embroidery/brocade details look like the inside of the Sistene Chapel or something found at the Tivoli Gardens.

Overall.... AMAZE!

D-out. xx

Images WGSN


  1. Serious ADORE.

    I love how much this reminds me of my mums fancy formal lounge room (where your not actually allowed to sit on the couch!!!!)

    L x