I'm Having a Hard Time

D, I have been trying to choose my top 5 shows of A/W 12-13 and it's just too dam hard. I mean everything has it merits and for me to totally fall in love with something, I need to see it in the flesh (and strangely, all my fashion week invites seem to have been misplaced in the post!!)

So I thought I would play it another way....

This year I was increasing attracted to all the feathers and the wing like shapes I saw on the runway, so (drum roll please) here are my favourite collections that reminded me of BIRDS... ok, ok, I’m grasping at straws BUT you can’t deny the dominance of fur accents (that just reminded me of feathers) and lines that look like they could almost take flight.... so baby, I’m going for it.

MUGLAR - sculpted to the body dresses and power shoulders will always hit my love of the 80’s soft spot.

FENDI - I actually want to wear every single piece in this collection. All that shiny black, pleating, layering goodness masks me so happy.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN - I just can’t get past my love for that amazing visor (or are they giant sun glasses?) It just reminds me of a futuristic Roxy Music.

images: Style.com, Italian Vogue and google

Promise, more to come.

L x


  1. Lu- you would look amazing in every piece you have posted. I love the wings! i love, love the owls! (i love owls)....

    i will post mine tomorrow.
    D. xxxx

  2. PS- you only posted your top 3! i want 5 baby!!!
    D. xxxx