Look What I Have

As requested, here is your H&M shop! YEAH!!!!!

Although you owe me big time lady, H&M stores have a very strange baby powder, sweet smell to them. I suspect it's some sort of subliminal happy smell that makes you shop more.... it just makes me feel ill.


L x


  1. L... You rock my world!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad the baby powder makes you happy, however "shop more"??? What else did you buy? You must remember, H&M is so close yet soooo far from me.. So I want to be kept in the loop on what's on the floo (what you purchase)r, rather than just online!

    Thanks so much my beautiful cuz!! XxxxXxxxxxxxXXxx

  2. Oh- I just re- read (sorry just woke up and my eyes aren't working yet) and seen that the baby powder makes you feel sick??????
    Now I feel bad... Well just a little- I know baby powder or not... You ain't giving up on H&M!
    Tanti BACI
    D- out xx

  3. i was only teasing... but it does have this weird smell that is the same in every shop....Thank god there is on-line shopping!

    L x