Biker Chic

The thought of actually having the freedom to get on a motorbike and just ride the day away makes me super happy. I have been on a bike a few times and it's a feeling of pure joy, exhilaration and is totally addictive. The reality is, I would be far to chicken to ever get a motor bike of my own so my only option is to at least try and look the part.

These images from Vogue Portugal are total biker chic! No crusty t-shirts (although, that can totally rock).. it's all leather, laces and some chunky jewellery and we all know that always does it for me...

 Vogue Portugal’s April 2013 - Photography :Kevin Sinclair. Stylist Andrew Holden

I think a bit of biker class should be injected in everyone's wardrobe, everyday (and maybe a hot BF with two wheels as well.)

L x

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