It's TOOL, Baby....

It's well established that here at MEAT, we love the 90's.

Now, there is something to love about all decades but the early 90's has a particular charm. The music, clothes and attitude all culminate in this arsey, cool yet emotionally cutting indifference... one can just not, NOT be attracted to it (BTW, I'm embracing that double negative.. it would be the 90's thing to do.)

Two nights ago, I saw Tool play in Melbourne. They are definitely one of those bands that have a big fat 90's stamp all over them. Needless to say, to see them live was seriously amaze but being surround by all those die hard super fans in their band T-shirts, it dawned in me that Tool also has some seriously 90's, dark, almost psychedelic artwork/graphics that I have totally missed. This needs to be explored....

Tool's guitarist Adam Jones one is responsible for most of the the bands arty concepts and has worked with artist such as Cam de Leon and Alex Grey to created some of the band most brilliant t-shirt worthy genius. (Actually, it turns out that Tool have won Grammys for artwork and packaging but lets be honest, it's all about the T-shirt.)

It's Tool, baby... so go get Aenima on and crank it up to LOUD... that way, you can totally rock your day away!!

On a side note: Having just started learning the drums this year... I can officially say that Danny Carey is my new obsession.

L x

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