Grunge Me

Hi Guys!!!! I'm back........ Sorry for the absence (not that it matters as you were left in Lu's super capable hands)!

Last night my little cousin had a 90's party, I missed the festivities due to a wedding but when I first got wind of this awesome party, my first instinct was to go as Sarah Connor (from Terminator 2). In my eyes, Sarah the best, post powerful 90s woman. Not only did I watch far too many action films when I was a little girl, but I also think that my obsession of ripped, cut up arms has all stemmed from Sarah Connor.... Too good!

This got me thinkin all things 90's. We all lived it and there are certain fashion faux pas, I do wish to forget.. However, the good ones (most of which are 90210 inspired) are looks we totes need to bring back!

Get your slip dresses and check shirts out girls... (and maybe the black singlet teamed back with a machine gun......) No?

D-Out. xx

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