its a Hens PARTY!

Well, well, well.... Lesson number 1- Don't get married if you work in the fashion industry! Work life is too busy/ hard and when you have computers from the stone ages.... It's almost impossible.
Lesson number 2- Choose the girls in your life that you just CAN'T live without, as you know they will be there for you no matter what! Shingles, back pain, the flu.... you name it!
Lesson number 3- Have a killer hens party and throw your hands in the air like YA JUST DON'T CARE!!!!

No work. No Computers. No IT department. No stress. No panic attacks!!!! and NO WORK MONDAY! Just the girls that you love more than anything and a whole lotta friends who want to PARTAYYYYY!

It's the weekend! Kick your heels off, pour yourself one very large vino and get this party started! 

D-out. xx

1 comment:

  1. Tonight's the night baby...... hope you have your dancing shoes on D!!

    Love Ya

    L x