Leather Cover Up

There are some fashion combos that you can't help but love. They look so cool in magazines and for a moment, you think.... I'm so going to rock that look one day. Sadly, in the cold light of day reality wins and usually for logistical reasons this desired 'look' is never going to happen. SAD FACE.

A perfect example is the bikini/ leather jacket combination. It looks so hot on the printed page but no one is ever going wear leathers on a 35 degree beach day or bikini bottoms to the pub... much as we all want to. Unfortunately, it's reserve for the moments at home when you pretend that your French and in some sort of indie movie....

BUT, let's live the dream a little and take a look at these killer images From T Style Travel Summer 2013. Tell me you don't want to rock every look? It's such a perfect contrast of leather and skin and so, so sexy.

T Style Travel Summer 2013 Photography: Graig McDean Styling: Joe McKenna

These images are definitely to tough to handle...

L x.

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