Power Pony.... Tail

We don't do outfit posts here at Meat. There is enough of that shenanigan on the interweb... you guys don't need to see us in our duds. Anyway, there is far too much cool stuff to post about and really... who cares what we decided to wear? (side note: obviously, our outfits are always rocking... definitely, no question there.) 

With that said, I soooo want to post about my bridesmaid's hair-do. I decided on a power ponytail. I have no idea where this love of a high, thick ponytail originated. Maybe it was all those episodes of 'I Dream of Jeannie' I watched as a kid or obsessing over Madonna in that Gaultier suit on the Blonde Ambition Tour? Regardless, I just knew if there was ever an opportunity to rock one... it would be in a leopard dress at D's wedding.

I did it and loved it. There is something amazing about the feeling of being able to whip about a power ponytail. I'm addicted!!!

Now the question remains.. how do I get the extension in without a hairdresser, cos I definitely  need to rock this look again!?

L x

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