There Is Stuff Going On Up There

Your head is definitely where all the interesting things happen. Mine is scatty some of the time, sharp when it counts and despite trying to focus....constantly dreaming.

It's interesting to see that lately there has been this trend towards elaborate head wear. I like to think its some sort of visual representation of what's happening in your noodle or a result of a brilliant tail-spin, tangent the world flew into... brought on by the flesh coloured, Nutrigrain shaped hat Princess Beatrice wore to Will and Kate's nuptials. Either way, this latest editorial in V Magazine #83 shows of some off the killer head wear of late.

Nothing like a bit of drama on your head to get a whole lot of attention.

  V Magazine, Photography: Jason Kim, Stylist: Yana Kamps

I want to see some of these 'hats' at the races... If I see one more boring fascinator, my eyes will instantly combust!

L x

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