Wedding Countdown

It's been a busy few days. I have been running here, job interview there, doing this, looking up that.... life admin can get so boring!

BUT... the bestest part of the last few days was that this afternoon I went to pick up the finished bridesmaid dresses for D's wedding!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, soooooo dam exciting. The wedding is only 2.5 weeks away and not only are two fabulous people that I love getting married but also, these dresses are THE ABSOLUTE BOMB.

In proper D style, they are not the usual, run of the mill, 'off the rack' type pieces and although I can't disclose very much as it is all top secret, here is a little hint....

I soooooo can't wait to wear this dress..... it is seriously amaze!

Oh yeah, there is the whole love, wedding, forever thing as well.... I promise, I have not forgotten that part.

L x

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