Bugs, Butterflies & A Summer Lost

I know the pain in your inner core that comes from a shitty summer. Having grown up in Oz, I was always told we are spoilt when it comes to the sun. It was only when I moved to the UK did I really realise that a brilliant summer did not always follow a long winter. In fact in the 8 years I was there, I think I only had one proper summer (and by proper, I mean mostly sun... cos temperature is irrelevant at this point.)

Oh there was always talk of an Indian summer ( Mork, I'm thinking you here) and you always got excited that the good weather was starting if you had sun for more than 2 days in a row... but the reality is, there is a lot of grey in a UK Summer.

When I stumbled across these adorable images on I-D Online all this residual anxiety around an average summer surfaced... closely followed by a wave of empathy. These images are basically what you have to do in your mind when the sun has let you down. You just take the grey that is around you and superimpose as much colour and summer as you possibility can....

I-D Online Photography: Daniella Maiorano Styling:Daniella Maiorano Giffs: Greta Larkins 

Awww, to be honest living in London was so amaze I actually found the grey charming..... well, most of the time anyway.

L x

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  1. Love it! Truer words have never been spoken... Right now I am looking out my 8th floor window at work to see only grey clouds with a promise of rain all weekend. Hope the wedding is amazing! x