Is It Fashion Week Yet?

I'm convinced it has been a million billion years since the last fashion week(s) and I'm starting to suffer serious withdraws. I know, I know... I'm lame but I can't help and get a teeny bit excited at the thought of all the new, amazing and pretty things I'm going to see over those few weeks.

With that said, I just realised we have given zero attention to the last wave of Couture shows . Boy, that is a major fashion crime particularly when Givenchy produced the most delicately fringed, 70's braided leather, gypsy inspired, poncho-esque garments EVA!  There is something so beautifully strange about these pieces and you just know, if you were ever lucky enough to wear one... you would feel out of this world.

 Autum 2012 Couture - Givenchy

Also, I'm loving how Givenchy has taken to presenting their couture collections in an almost mug-shot, sterile type fashion.

It's all just fricken genius!!!

L x

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