Fashion Shower

Listen kids, according to high priestess Anna Dello Russo... we all need a fashion shower. Fair enough, I was feeling a little grimy anyway.

Ha, I just had to post this... you gotta love the way Anna works and seriously, I would so dance to this ADR for H&M tune at a club. Promise I would!

ADR is officially becoming the Italian Grace Jones...gotta love it!

Oh yeah, there is that whole H&M accessories thing that Anna Dello Russo is doing but to be honest, I'm to distracted by this tune to even take a look!

L x


  1. I dont have any words!

    I DO need a fashion shower!!!!! Lu, this clip is that slice that part of our sculls that has always been completely in unison. The over the top gold, Italian style that we will never get over. I think it could be a family gene!

    Anyhoo, is the range out yet?? im searching as we speak!
    Love ya!

    D. xx

  2. http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/ideas/35578/0/anna-dello-russo-at-h-m-accessories-collection-pictures.html#index=1&slider=off