Givenchy Faves

OM Lu, That Givenchy collection is one of my faves! and..  How does any outfit not look fab with a giant "wolf" your side.
Givenchy are totally killing it right now. Their scarf prints from last Summer have totally dominated Street style, not to mention the dark goth styling from the AW12 shows, bright silks, enormous jewels and coloured leather. Heaven........

Its defs Givenchy time peeps. Love it!

Sky Ferrera wearing the Givenchy Shark Boot. Kingers needs these boots STAT!

I pretty much want everything above. Actually yep, I do!

D- out. xx

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  1. You just don't know how much joy the above images give me. It's may be wrong/ superficial or whatever but they actually make me happy.

    Today will be a good day.

    L x