DIY Clutch Frenzy

You know that feeling you get when you see something that has been created, put together in a particular way or made in a DIY frenzy and thought... 'OMG, that is so simple and brilliant'... only to then get a teeny pang of jealousy because you did not think about doing it first? Well, that's the feeling I got when I saw this amazing little sticker project by Louise Lau, editor of Lust and Found Magazine. How cute, fun and reminiscent of all that I loved as a kid... stickers and kittens.

Image: Susie Lau: Style Bubble

The idea was so simple and brilliant that I had to make one of my own. Rip off you say? I prefer to think of it  as gleaning a fabulous idea and tweaking it to make it my own.

The bag is a pleather cheapy that I have had so long I can't even remember where I bought it. Badges come from the one and only Camden Market.

On completion of my project it's obvious that Louise Lau's version is far superior with it's modern, fresh colour palette and just the right tinge of irony. It reminds me of all things...

Christopher Kane: Summer 2012                                                      Collage: Unknown.

Mine on the other hand, makes me think of Girl Scouts and the jacket that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun.

Ok, I love the 80's sew on patches flash back so I'm not that bothered by it's potential dorky references. I'm totally rocking this pimped out clutch on the weekend.. can't wait!

Now I just have to work out how to avoid getting my fingers pricked when searching for my phone!

L x

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