3.1 Phillip Lim

Personally, I adore any form of Fashion Week but I'm much more of a London & Milan girl rather than New York. Don't get my wrong, I heart the NY designers but I feel that the NY shows are too easy to wear. Yes, this is a great thing, I know; However if I'm counting down for something I want to be wowed but some sort of extravaganza... and Milan & London is sure to always give me this.

.... except when it comes to Phillip Lim. His stuff, yes, is so totally wearable, but it has a different element of cool than the rest and it is just so perfectly rough and street.

This collection is my NY fave!

um... YES! this sweat is TO DIE!

I cant believe that barbie pink suede overalls now exist! Amaze. The hints of animal that he has used teamed with the tonal chambrays and sheer on sheers is just so fresh! 

Go You Phillip Lim! 

D-out. xx

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