High Cut Summer

It's funny, no matter where we start out we inevitably end up talking about summer. I guess having grown up in Australia, the cult of the sun is deeply ingrained in our psyche. There are so many images, smells, songs that bring on a massive rush of summer nostalgia. One of the biggest is the smell of Reef Coconut oil and a Divinyls' tune or two ( I spent a load of time at Coburg Pool growing up, obviously.)

For better or worse, another image of summer that will forever be burnt into my brain is the high cut swimsuit. I was only little when everyone was wearing them and back then they were sooooo, dramatic and grown up. I always wondered when I grew up, would  I be wearing a pair of such glamorous bathers? The answer is a big fat NO. To date, my swimsuits have been positively Victorian in comparison but it does not mean I can not appreciate the tacky, somewhat sleazy genius of the high cut.


Ha, the more I look at these images the more I know that I will never be rocking this look BUT hell, I would love to see it on a beach somewhere... now that would earn some proper respect!

L x

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