Your Hermès Scarf is in the Mail - Kermit Oliver

Some people may experience amazing things or live glamorous lives but it's the unique individuals out there that just do what they do that end up being truly remarkable.

Let me introduce Kermit Oliver. An artist who over the last 30 years has been commissioned to design a series of American theme scarves for the über luxury house of Hermès.  He is also the man in Waco Texas that sorts your post. The man still does the night shift at the post office. Respect!

His 'painted collages' are a surreal, dreamy translation of South Western America. They have this vintage illustrative almanac quality and yet still come across as overwhelmingly personal. I find them surprisingly touching and am totally in love.

It's surprisingly hard to find any decent images of these sell out scarves on line but if you get a second you should definitely read about Kermit Oliver's 'strange and secret' life in this months Texas Monthly

L x

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