Do I Have Enough Black Leather In My Life?

Envy is a funny thing. I have been thinking about what D said in her post about wanting to be like someone else. I mean, do we really aspire to be like images we post? I was definitely leaning towards, no. I'm not going to let some media driven style inspire what I wear, but then I stumbled across these leather clad, cool, (SO COOL) ladies and thought... Hell yeah, I want to be one of them. 

Ha - I'm weak, plain and simple. I just can't help it and maybe I'm superficial but the sleek leather hotness of these images from October's TANK magazine do the following things to my brain: 

  • Instant release of endorphins making me both happy and pumped at the same time.
  • Overwhelming sense of desire.
  • Subsequent stock take of my wardrobe to see how much black leather I have and if I can synthesise an outfit that it similar to one I have just seen.
  • Lastly, add one hot black muscle car to my list of things to own when I am an official grown up.

TANK Magazine: Photography: Alexander Neumann

In all seriousness and humour totally aside, I really do wish I could rock that leather all-in-onese with leopard heels - that is both sexy and gutsy and who does not what to come across like that?

 L x

1 comment:

  1. I plan to wear a leather jumpsuit with leopard heels! its a must to my life and wardrobe! so.. YES! do it!

    D. xx