Paris in Short

Oh dear, what a week.

Firstly, my partner in blog crime has left me all on my own and is currently sunning herself on a beach somewhere (I am well jel!) As a result you are only getting half MEAT, so apologies for my current poor form. Secondly, my internet has been total pants resulting in rushed power posts. Dam you internet gods...  what a week to become temperamental. OK, OK enough moaning from me, now onto the good stuff

Paris fashion week is flying by and I could not let another day go by with sharing some of my favs...

Stella McCartney - She seems to produce clothes you want to forever chill in. So relaxed. Too cool.

Saint Laurent - The Yves may have been dropped but the style definitely has not. With those capes, this collection has a touch of a Stevie Nicks feel about it and we all know you totally can't go wrong when channelling a bit of Stevie.

Alexander McQueen - As always, McQueen does not fit into any seasonal 'trend' box. This collection is a celebration of total decadent, frou frou excess and I LOVE.

I think I have beautiful dress overload.. I just don't know where to look any more!

L x

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