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Fashion MONTH is over...YES, it's a whole month, can you believe it? After the joy of seeing tonnes of brilliant new stuff, I will need time to sit and work out which fashion concepts I want to work into my wardrobe and how. One thing for sure, the whole graphic pattern, optical illusion is going to be big.

Being visually obsessed, I have an archive of images that I collect for fun/inspiration. I have folders full of pictures that make me happy (kittens feature highly), that are interesting or I think are just plain old cool. Basically, I use them to spark a wave of creativity. Keeping that in mind, don't think that it's too weird when I say I collect images of test patterns. Goodness knows why I find them interesting, maybe it's the hint of nostalgia mixed with the cold, clinical graphics. For whatever reason, my test pattern folder was the first thing that sprung to mind when I saw the graphics that were emerging from the runway.

This may look weird right?? Strange as it is, I just love test patterns... and come on, as if Marc Jacobs was not challenging a bit of this.

L x

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