Temperature Has Taken A Dive

Brrrrrrr… it is getting friggen cold in London Town. I'm already wearing two sets of tights and my warmest coat. I don’t know how but the temperature has dropped 50 million degrees overnight and no amount of hot drinks or long, fuzzy socks will help. (I actually burnt my heat pack in the microwave last night…. That’s what happens when you get heat greedy and just got home from the pub)

Don’t you hate mornings where you wake up and it’s rainy, cold and grey outside? The last thing you want to do is leave your warm, beautiful bed… it’s just so warm and beautiful, why would anyone want to tear themselves away?  In these icy times I find strategic wardrobe planning helps makes the transition from warm to cold to warm that little bit easier. Lately, my plan of action centres on the beanie. It’s a perfect addition to the pottering around the house, layering warm, fuzzy ensembles and the only real substitute to having an actual pillow near your head. In the outside world, the beanie can look hell cool, if you wear it with a bit of attitude (and not like Adrian in Rocky!)

Fashion  Gone Rouge, Tumblr

Okay.. I'm doing it. Time to brave the cold, so wish me luck.... now, wear DID I put the beanie???

Seriously... I think I have lost it already...

L x

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  1. That's exactly how i feel every morning ahaha! Beautiful photographs. - xo